Welcome to Marine on St. Croix

Marine on St. Croix, founded as Marine Mills in 1839, was the site of the first commercial saw mill along the St. Croix River. The Mill Site is located behind and to the south of the Village Hall and has been declared a national historical site.


Winter Parking Restrictions

The City has an  ordinance preventing the parking of any vehicles, equipment or structure on any street or alley in the City between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. from November 15 until April 1 of the following year. Please help us by keeping vehicles off the streets and alleys. This reduces the amount of time it takes to plow the City Streets. Residents of the City are welcome to take sand and salt from the shed located at 1500 Broadway Street. Bring your own container and shovel.

The 2015 Hunting Season Has Begun

Don't be alarmed if your hear gun shots.

Bow Hunting Deer: Sept 19 - Dec 31 2015
Shot Fun Deer: Nov 7 - Nov 15 2015
Muzzle Loading Deer: Nov 28 - Dec 13 2015

Permits are required for any person(s) with a firearm. These permits are available at the City office during regular business hours and must be obtained by the landowner. Be aware of this while using walking trails, and make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing, especially during the critical hours of dusk and dawn.

Property owners interested in allowing a bow hunter on their property for the purpose of hunting deer should contact the City office. There is also a list of hunters interested in hunting in this area. Any questions regarding hunting regulations or to report any suspicious or illegal activities (i.e., unauthorized deer stands on private property), you may contact Conservation Officer Scott Arntzen at 763-413-4881.

Compost Site Updates

The City of Marine will again be accepting sticks and branches no larger than 4 inches in diameter at the compost site.

The Compost Site will be closing on October 31 or when the snow falls.

Fire Permit Fee

The cost per permit is $5.00 for piles or $15.00 for a prescribed burn permit. Each permit is good for up to 3 consecutive days. You can contact the City office during regular business hours Monday thru Thursday to obtain a permit. No permit is required once there are 3 inches or more of snow on the ground.


Marine on St. Croix Minnesota

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Marine on St. Croix is home to about 650 residents who treasure the charm of their community. The town square, with its general store, town hall, library, ice cream shop, bank, and café, give the downtown area the look of a New England village. A charming post office, the stunning Christ Lutheran Church, the historic 1872 Stone House Museum, and a restored Swedish settler’s cabin add to the charm. The original mill site south of the Village Hall has been declared a state historic site.